Immerse in the joys of luxury shopping with a Luxe gift card. Launched in 2018, The Luxe gift card is your passport to the world of 30+ global fashion and lifestyle brands. With a single card, you can shop from Armani Exchange, Hugo Boss, Kate Spade, Satya Paul, Scotch & Soda, and other celebrated brands. Read the below sections to learn more about these vouchers in detail.

Luxe gift card for special occasions

Treat your loved ones with the gift of luxury. Use a Luxe gift card for this purpose. With these vouchers, they can select the perfect outfit or a lifestyle product from a myriad of options. Buying a wedding gift for your friends or family won't be a tough nut to crack anymore. You can now give them the freedom of choice…in a way they will appreciate. And that makes the card so precious. Choose it for birthdays, anniversaries, festive occasions, and important life events. Sending the Luxe vouchers is a piece of cake.

Luxe gift card for corporate gifting

Make your clients feel like a superstar with a luxe gift card. This is your go-to gifting option to leave a lasting impression on them. Many businesses already use these vouchers to make the bonds stronger with their business contacts. The recall value that comes with these vouchers makes them a className apart.

Which brands come under Luxe gift cards?

The following brands are part of the Luxe gift card:

  1. Armani Exchange: Armani Exchange combines fast fashion with understated sophistication. Every collection highlights the laid-back, modern approach to style. Use your Armani Exchange Luxe e-gift card for your next purchases.
  2. Bally: Bally has perfected the art of shoemaking. Discover your next footwear from these options: heels, boots, pumps, and flats. Buy these products seamlessly with your Bally e-gift card.
  3. Brooks Brothers: Ready-to-wear clothing at its best. You get this with Brooks Brothers, the fashion house behind designs behind Madras Checks, seersucker, original button-down collar, and non-iron shirt. With your Brooks Brother Luxe e-gift card, get all these and numerous options seamlessly.
  4. Bottega Veneta: Bottega Veneta inspires creativity with its finely-crafted collections for men, women, and homes. Use your Bottega Veneta e-gift card to buy these exquisite products easily.
  5. Canali: For over 8 decades, Canali has remained at the forefront of men's elegance. Upgrade your wardrobe with immense collections of ties, shirts, and more. Canali Luxe e-gift cards are available to ease up your shopping experience.
  6. COACH: COACH is synonymous with effortless New York styling. Find an extensive assortment of handbags, clothing, and other fashion accessories from this American brand. COACH Luxe can be used to get these products.
  7. Diesel: Diesel is a trailblazer in the realm of denim & casual dressing. Find luxury fashion wear made with meticulous attention to detail. With your Diesel luxe gift card, you can buy any designs available from the Diesel stores.
  8. London: Dune London is a pioneer of affordable luxury fashion accessories and footwear. For 4 generations, it has retained its DNA of being a stylish yet sophisticated brand. Use your Dune London Luxe e-gift card to buy your next set of accessories.
  9. EA7: EA7 is a luxury sportswear brand from the house of Giorgio Armani. Discover high-performance sporty clothing and footwear for running, aerobics, and other sports. Use your EA7 Luxe gift card to buy premium sportswear.
  10. Emporio Armani: Emporio Armani is an iconic fashion house that's known to introduce modern trends across the globe. The timeless and sophisticated clothing from this brand is known for its experimentation. Use your Emporio Armani Luxe e-gift voucher to get your outfits seamlessly.
  11. G-Star Raw: G-Star Raw reflects the spirit of vintage military clothing. Discover raw denim and daily casuals to express your style effortlessly. G-Star Raw Luxe gift cards let you buy your next pair of premium jeans without any hassle.
  12. GAS: Discover premium denim collections from GAS. This fashion brand designs and sells luxury casuals for men, women, and children. Use your GAS Luxe e-gift vouchers to buy the finest clothing.
  13. Georgio Armani: Georgio Armani is one of the most celebrated luxury brands out there. Every collection defines refined living with its unparalleled materials, craftsmanship, and excellent execution. Use your Georgio Armani Luxe gift vouchers to get fine apparel from this brand.
  14. Hamleys: Offer a magical experience to your kids by taking them to a Hamleys store. This chain of finest stores across the globe house toys, games, and educational resources for kids of all age groups. Use a Hamleys Luxe e-gift card to buy those toys.
  15. Boss: Style and sophistication are in the DNA of Boss. This fashion house offers a wide selection of evening wear and business wear. Use a Boss Luxe gift card to get your outfits now.
  16. Hunkemoller: Hunkemoller blends in sensuality and comfort to craft the lingerie. Discover a vast collection of lingerie, swimwear, and nightwear that hugs you like no else. With your Hunkemoller Luxe e-gift voucher, you can easily order your lingerie.
  17. Jimmy Choo: Jimmy Choo boasts the richest array of luxury footwear. You will also find meticulously crafted bags and fashion accessories from this luxe brand. With your Jimmy Choo e-gift voucher, you can buy your preferred accessories seamlessly.
  18. Kate Spade: Femininity is in the DNA of Kate Spade. This brand serves you with chic and sophisticated styles. Discover some of the finest designer bags and dresses from this brand. Kate Spade Luxe e-gift vouchers are available to make your shopping more enjoyable.
  19. Michael Kors: Michael Kors offers premium fashion at its best. Every collection - be it ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, wearable tech, or footwear are made with thoughtful details. Use Michael Kors Luxe gift vouchers for the best shopping experience.
  20. Mothercare: Find all you need for your toddlers from Mothercare. This retail brand offers premium products for mothers-to-be, children, and babies. Use Mothercare Luxe e-vouchers for the best experience.
  21. Paul Smith: The collections by Paul Smith are a fusion of modernity and tradition. This luxury brand perfectly balances formal and fashionable styles. Use your Paul Smith Luxe e-gift voucher for a seamless shopping experience.
  22. Paul & Shark: Italian craftsmanship at its best. This is what you get with Paul & Shark, a casual wear brand with designs inspired by sailing and other water adventures. Use a Paul & Shark Luxe e-gift voucher during your next purchases.
  23. REPLAY: Replay is a premium brand known for its innovative denim collections. The designers blend style with tech to create the never-seen collections of jeans, such as Hyperflex+ that offers complete freedom of movement. REPLAY Luxe e-gift vouchers make your shopping experience more pleasurable.
  24. Salvatore Ferragamo: The fashion-conscious people choose Salvatore Ferragamo when looking for an “Made In Italy” brand. Use a Salvatore Ferragamo Luxe e-gift voucher for a seamless shopping experience.
  25. Satya Paul: Satya Paul introduced the world to contemporary, designer saris. This fashion brand combines the finest prints and textile innovations to craft saris, kurtas, and shawls that are a className apart.
  26. Scotch & Soda: Scotch & Soda offers luxury collections that are playful and trendy. This fashion house is for vibrant colors, prints, and thoughtful patterns. Use your Scotch & Soda Luxe e-gift vouchers to make your shopping experience more exciting.
  27. Steve Madden: Update your luxury footwear wardrobe with Steve Madden. The collections from this brand are inspired by New York fashion and Rock & Roll culture. Use your Steve Madden Luxe e-gift vouchers to buy the trendiest footwear for yourself.
  28. Superdry: A premium sports lifestyle is at the core of Superdry. The collections from this brand combine the best technical product mix and athleisure. Use your Superdry Luxe e-gift voucher for a fantastic shopping experience.
  29. White Crow: Just like its name, White Crow offers fashion that's unique, rare, and rebellious. Create your own statement with tees, tops, jackets, denim, and more from this brand. Use your White Crow Luxe e-gift voucher to shop easily from this brand.
  30. Tory Burch: Give a makeover to your handbag wardrobe with Tory Burch. Discover chic and elegant handbags, footwear, and accessories that add more layers of sophistication. Tory Burch Luxe e-gift vouchers make your shopping experience more pleasant.
  31. TUMI: Luggage aficionados choose TUMI. This travel lifestyle brand creates travel and business essentials with flawless functionality and a spirit of ingenuity. Use your TUMI Luxe e-gift vouchers for your next travel bag purchase.
  32. Villeroy & Boch: Get your premium tableware from Villeroy & Boch. A refined lifestyle is in the DNA of this brand that offers wine glasses, dishes, cutlery, and elegant home decor items. Use your Villeroy & Boch Luxe e-gift vouchers to buy your next set of cutlery.
  33. West Elm: Experience the joy of home decor with West Elm. This global design company gives you access to some of the finest designs of living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture. Use West Elm Luxe vouchers for an easy shopping experience.

How to buy a Luxe gift card?

Buy a Luxe gift card by following these steps:

  1. Open this link:
  2. Select the voucher value by pressing the ADD button.
  3. Press this button: BUY FOR SELF.
  4. Enter your details and OTP received on your phone.
  5. Pay for your voucher with one of the payment options.

You'll get your voucher after the final step.

How to redeem a Luxe gift card?

Redeem your Luxe Gift Card by following these steps:

  • Visit one of the eligible outlets.
  • Activate your Luxe gift card.
  • Choose the merchandise you like.
  • Show your gift card number and pin.

The voucher will be redeemed instantly.

How to activate your Luxe gift card?

Follow these steps to activate your gift card:

  • SMS ACT 16-Digit Card Number 6-Digit Card Pin
  • Send it to 9704200300

The gift card will be activated instantly.

What are the available denominations of Luxe gift cards?

You can choose from these denominations:

  1. Rs. 500
  2. Rs. 1000
  3. Rs. 2000

The availability of these denominations is subject to change in the future.

How to find the stores that accept Luxe gift cards?

To find an eligible outlet

  1. Open this URL:
  2. Choose the brand whose stores you're searching by clicking on the Locate By Brand option.
  3. Choose the city in which you're searching by clicking the Locate By City option.

You will get the address and phone number of eligible outlets. You will also get the directions of those outlets.

What's the validity of a Luxe gift card?

The validity of a Luxe gift card is 12 months from the date of purchase. The validity can't be extended once expires.

How to send a Luxe gift card to someone else?

Follow these steps to send a Luxe Gift Card:

  1. Select the voucher value.
  2. Accept Terms & Conditions.
  3. Press this button: GIFT SOMEONE.
  4. Enter the recipient's details and message.
  5. Pay for your voucher.

They will receive the voucher instantly.

What happens if I lose my Luxe gift card?

We will send you your Luxe gift card again in case you lose your original voucher. Here's how to do so:

  • Open this link:
  • Press the virtual chat assistant icon present on the bottom right of this screen.
  • Enter the registered number, and OTP received on it.
  • Follow the steps that appear on the screen.

You'll get the voucher after the final step. No need to pay anything extra for the same.

Can I use multiple Luxe gift cards in a single transaction?

Yes, you can use more than one Luxe gift card for a single purchase from an eligible outlet. Although, it always helps to inform the store about the usage of the voucher beforehand.

Can I use my Luxe gift card during SALE?

No, you can't use your Luxe gift card during SALE by the brand.

What happens if my final bill is more than the Luxe gift card value?

If your final bill is more than the Luxe gift card value, then you have to pay the balance via one of the applicable payment modes. This includes debit/credit card, UPI, or cash. Get the details of the same from the bill desk of the respective store.